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These Sluts Will Suck Your Cock And Enjoy It!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Watch these two sluts enjoy sucking a huge dick!

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These two hot sluts were hungry for cock and cum, and they knew that CockForTwo was the best place to get it! Here, we see them warming up and taunting each other by practicing on a dildo! Well, it seems that we are in for a treat thanks to these cock-hungry whores!

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The dick finally arrives and these two sluts can’t wait to get the dick in their mouths! One babe even tries to get the cock all to herself by pushing her competitor away! Don’t worry girls, the cock is big enough for the both of you!

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Finally, the babes can’t take the heat, and they strip, revealing their gorgeous tits! They continue sucking the dick, fulfilling their hunger for cock until the dick can’t help but release a warm torrent of cum all over their faces and into their mouths!

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Warming Up For The Cock-Suck Competition

Monday, March 1st, 2010

cock-suck competition

These two sluts are the hungriest cock-suckers on the face of the earth!

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